Saturday, November 21, 2009

a stork tea

today i was reminded of how "aussie" i am. a beautiful friend of mine is French-South African (her name is talitha, how elegant is that!). it was her baby shower today. or i should say, it was her stork tea today! i was a bit perplexed for a second when i received the invite, but i think the name is just so lovely! i am here-by voting OUT the term baby shower and IN stork tea.
(side note, i am also voting OUT those terribly embarrassing games that everyone seems to play at baby showers. there are no games at stork teas, and that's a rule!)

oh i do love a little party, and especially one where you get to bring presents! so out came the sewing machine, and as they say... the rest is history!
  my creative space...

this little reversible pinny (with ribbons on the back) and frilly bloomers -
both patterns & material from funky fabrix

more bloomers :: oh so little & cute!

all boxed up and ready to go...

what's come out of your creative space recently??


Eloise said...

Wow they all turned out so well! And I love the stalk tea idea, baby showers are a bit tacky.

Sande said...

They are so cute ... and I'm with you on the party thing. Could find a plethora of reasons to have people over :]

Sheena said...

I came across your blog link from your comments on the Rasberry blog - i love your blog - the whole-heartedness of it and this stunning project said...

This pinny and bloomers are fantastic! Please could you tell me where you found the stork picture? I would love to use it but obviously would like to get permission/payy royalty fees first! Many thanks and I love the blog!

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