Friday, January 29, 2010

we all live in a yellow submarine...

we love a good cup of tea, here at a cup of kitsch... so imagine my delight when i stumbled across this beauty over at swissmiss. a submarine tea infuser? oh yes!

now that's what i call a cup of kitsch!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

{making} zakka

ok, so i've said it before. but i'll say it again: i love tea cosies. i just think they're... well... kitsch & comforting. there's something very homely about a tea cosy, don't you think? so when a good friend of mine gave me this book for christmas i was very excited. this book takes the humble tea cosy to a whole. new. level.

it's called Zakka Sewing, zakka being a japanese term for something handmade that is for around the home. think the squirrel tea-cosy, slippers, fabric book jackets, pencil cases, aprons... all done in a tasteful, quirky and beautiful japanese-inspired way. lots of luscious linen fabrics, wool felt, and hand sewn embroidery. the book gives you detailed instructions for 25 gorgeous projects... take a peek at some of the beautiful photos of what you can make.

 images :: STC Craft

if you like your home crafts, this is definetly a book for you! something a little different, and a little special. all of the projects would make great gifts if you can bear to part with them.

but first, i'm off to make one amazing squirrel tea cosy...i wonder what my grandmother would have thought of it?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Adventure :: counting down!

...only 53 days until we head on our little jaunt around the world, aka The Adventure! excited, much?!

image cred :: flickr

and... it's going to be here awfully quickly! there's so much to do! travel books

...start packing (sadly, i am obsessive compulsive when it comes to this)

...learn french (oui!)

...freak out about tipping in New York

and a must-do: buy some shoes! but what shoes to wear?? stylish yet comfortable, warm yet light. oh the dilemmas!

what do you love & hate about travelling??

Monday, January 4, 2010

a new year...


 & happy new year!

how did you see in the new year? josh & i were on the radio for new years eve, with a special request show. we partied with the whole of brisbane!

but 2010, oh am i happy to see you! 2009 sent a lot of challenges my way, but 2010 just has that lovely even ring to it, and feels a lot like a clean slate. i am looking forward to a lot of things this year...

... The Adventure : Chicago-New York-London-Paris-Rome. Say no more!!

... some good food (and hopefully some of it home grown!)

... a chance for me NOT to fill my every waking minute with something/someone. i need to bring quality, not quantity, into my diary...

... some refreshment. a chance to stop and just think about my life ahead. i want to be a better wife, a more caring friend, a cleaner house-wife, and a more faithful follower. 

... and maybe a bit more time to play that piano of mine.

 so, here's to 2010. i hope you're looking forward to something promising this year!

image cred : how clever is eloise?! she took this wonderful fireworks pic! find more fabulousness on her flickr page
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