Thursday, October 28, 2010

{listening} flags

image :: brooke fraser

i live my life to music. constantly. always something playing in my mind.

right now, it's brooke fraser's new album flags. stunningly beautiful songs & melodies.

i've just found her purdy new blog. i was totally wowed by the pictorial essay by her drummer, aaron redfield. lovely photos to lose yourself in...

lets go there, hey? right now? ok. 

before a neon night's lighting i'm right beside you/the fire in motion/the fire in motion
the desert sun sinking/sleepy and low/but we're just waking/we are waking
river time is a mountain tonight/before tomorrow she flows on/carving valleys in the skin on our faces
i am bright as the sun/you are high as a kite/we are daughters, sons, brothers and sisters tonight/at coachella/coachella
come on now darling, let's shake off these blues/i'll let my hair out, you'll slip off your shoes/i feel like a baby, newborn in the spring/i'm setting down the sadness and I won't remember it
i'm a warm bleeding heart/you're a generous soul/and i love you though i'd never met you before to coachella/coachella
we are standing on the shore/in the smoke, in the starlight/on the edge of a human sea/and the tide is in
"coachella" lyrics by brooke fraser

Thursday, October 21, 2010

{reading} on the bedside table...

the romantics - galt niederhoffer
brilliant. brilliant. it's a contempory great gatsby. i had to read this book after seeing the trailer for the feature movie that's on it's way- thanks sarah!

chez moi - agnes desarthe
fiction about france & food... i couldn't resist!

the elegance of the hedgehog - muriel barbery
after my 50 things post, i'm finally getting around to reading this book... in a word? heavy.

notwithstanding - louis de bernieres
mr de bernieres had my heart ever since the war of don emmanuel's nether parts. i've loved every single book since, and this is his latest.

frederica - georgette heyer
my mother and i have read every single book ever written by this very glamorous woman. this, i think is my favourite...
planning a baby? - dr sarah brewer
just quietly, between you & i, ok?!

what's on your bedside table??

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

feeding my magazine addiction...

i am a sucker for pretty pages in magazines... homewares, shopping, cooking, decorating, making... there is nothing better than sitting down with a cuppa and a new, shiny magazine, no?

...which is why i love my zinio app on my iPad (also for iPhone, pc or mac). a year subsribtion for $10ish? without having to leave home? thankyouverymuch!

currently, i'm loving elle decor (usa)... i'm thinking i might need to invest in a dwell subscribtion too! i would love to see some more aussie content come through for purchasing - real living, and delicious, perhaps?

what do you think of my my dream new bathroom... (thanks ralph lauren!). with a view over the central park reservoir in NYC, no less... *sigh*

it's lovely flicking through the pages, and you can store back issues also. i'm addicted! the added bonus is i'm not buying hard-copy magazines that i have to store somewhere, and think of all the trees i'm saving!

this was part of the blog this challenge... head on over and join in the fun.

do you have any must read online magazines, or have a zinio subsription??

Sunday, October 17, 2010

spring has sprung

... after a very wet and wild week (or two!), the sun made a spectacular appearance this weekend...

we are a no-dryer household, so i felt a little chained to the washing machine with all the back log of washing... but i do love my trusty hills-hoist. such an aussie classic!

i also had a little fight with the (should be) white grout in the bathroom... a winner hasn't been declared yet, and alas, i don't think i'm a chance for the gold medal!

 there was also considerable time spent yelling at this little brood... we are dog-sitting two loveable cocker-spaniels for some friends at the moment! there is a lot of puppy love to go around, but sometimes i think they gang up on us!

tonight we're having a simple dinner of thin spaghetti with a cherry tomato sauce (and plenty of parmegiano!!)... oh bliss!

what domestic delights did you get up to this weekend!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

gold star

if i had a gold star, i would give it to carl kleiner (photography) & evelina bratell (styling). this is the most crazy amazing food photography i think i've seen. ever.

it's for the ikea cookbook, and i know it's been everywhere in the blog-o-sphere but i just couldn't resist!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

{mood} sunday

this week's mood... take me to paris...
its rainy and miserable outside today... so just give me a minute, and i'll throw on my striped top and grab a bag for my baguette... i feel like a stroll through the streets, wandering past the ateliers... a sneaky nutella crepe as a little treat. yes, definetly a nutella crepe...
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