Saturday, May 8, 2010

everyone loves a bargain...

what. a. morning.
we decided to hit the black & spiro sale. you know, black & spiro, only the most lovely design & interiors store in brisbane?? goodness there were a lot of people, and even more bargains! a LOT of self control was used this morning, and in the end i came home with an armful of material (lovely material!), some babushka dolls (!!) and this awesome stool...

i think it has found it's home beside my lovely tasmanian oak sideboard, by MOMA New York in a Bag, and my beloved Tram Roll Tea Towel that I won over at Daily Imprint!

what do you think?? you will laugh when i say i paid 2 (yes, TWO) dollars for it!! it's been a productive weekend already!


Eloise said...

I can't believe the original price, what a bargain! I bought so much fabric, some i have no use for but who cares? it was 50c lol. I'm very happy with my 2m of florence broadhurst fabric, what a steal!!! Still regretting not buying the lamp post but i think I'm going to make a lamp shade, yay! Just looked at the signature prints website and its $140/m!!!!!!!

Anna Spiro said...

Hi Bec,

Thanks so much for coming to the sale today and for posting about it here on your blog! Glad you got some great bargains!!


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