Tuesday, January 11, 2011

these are trying times...

summer in queensland is usually a wet one... but this is just something else! our city, the 3rd largest in Australia, is expected to flood significantly in the next few days. tens of thousands of people affected.

 image: abc

while my home is not in a risk area (at this stage) my workplace will quite possibly go under. what that means i don't know. i don't think anyone knows right at the moment... i think the whole city is in a state of limbo as we wait for, well, goodness knows what!

getting my head around blogging with all this going on just isn't working. i know brisbane is just a small part of the whole emergency state of queensland. so far, many people have been generous with what they can give. i'd encourage anyone to help out people who have lost everything...

i'm also thinking of anna from absolutely beautiful things, who's shop is not far from my workplace. also, i'm sending thanks to the emergency services - from top to bottom - for what is a seemingly endless (and dirty) job.

but it's not just floods that are devastating... one of my favourite bloggers out of melbourne - jane from my pear tree house - has had her life shaken upside down in the last few weeks from other natural causes. i'm sending prayers of strength down to her! "stay positive" is her message - what an inspiration!

life is a precious thing, isn't it?


Anna Spiro said...

Thinking of you too Bec. Thank you for your kind words. Stay safe.


kenzie said...

oh my! That is so scary. Hope everything is okay. flooding is so awful.

Bianca said...

We're following everything over here. I hope you and your family are ok.

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