Thursday, April 28, 2011

wedding fever...

for most of my life, i really did think that i was (middle) named after our queen. but what else was a 10 year old to think?

so is it any wonder that i'm getting a bit excited for this royal wedding?

my girlfriends and i are catching up for wedding party. we thought it would be a great idea to wear our wedding dresses. but there is no way i'll be fitting into mine anytime soon! instead, we're going to bring along our wedding photos to remind ourselves about our big day.

we'll eat some etons mess, drink a few cups of tea... and be thankful for our very own prince charmings!

call me a tragic, but i saw this tea towel on etsy and thought it too beautiful to pass up.

tell me, will you be watching?


Sarah said...

Oh how fun! I wish I could be there to join the fun. Since the dress isn't an option, you ought to wear some of those fabulous hats!

design elements said...

what a lovely image! my image of the week :-) Happy Sunday!

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