Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the chic backpack... an oxymoron?

the fourth month of the year? how did we get a third of the way through the year so quickly?!! my challenge for this month... four posts for the fourth month. fingers crossed!!

while i might not be losing sleep over it, i have been thinking: the chic backpack... does it really exist? i confess my bags somewhat resemble mary poppins. ok, so maybe not a lamp, but you can find some serious stuff in there (when one has a baby, one seems to need to bring the whole house along). and the shoulder? it suffers. especially when one wants to see the sights & sounds of someplace all. day. long. (like melbourne, soon. four days of coffee drinking for me! and a trip to earl!)

so... the backpack. i found this little beauty & it is currently in transit to my house.