Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the dinner party

the dinner party to end. all. dinner. parties.

Yes that's right friends, I'm hosting a dinner party. Thanks to Blog This for the reason.
i thought i might let you in on how preparations are going...

the guest list...

myself & hubby
hostess with the most-ess
Simon & Garfunkel
will that count as 2 guests?
seriously, they are still beautiful musicians 40 years later...
and i'm sure they've got a few stories to tell.
Joni Mitchell
if only so she'll play me an acoustic version of "river"...
and when that's done i'm sure her and S & G can talk about how things "used to be" in the music industry, like all old people do...
Mr (Fitzwilliam) Darcy

look mate, forget elizabeth bennett, i'm doing a bit of matchmaking with the following guest...
best friend ruby
(ok so i've changed her name!)
i'm not usually into matchmaking, but i just know they'd be perfect for eachother!
That, and I want to spend Christmas's at Pemberley!!!
Bill Bryson (author)
You've always gotta have someone to tell a hilarious story about anything...
and he's just the man!

Looking over the guest list i'm almost embarrassed to invite these beautiful people to my humble home, but that's what dinner party's are all about, right? humble and comfortable and sharing a meal together. (And also, i want to have a glass of champagne and not have to drive home!!!)

which brings me to the menu...
Masterchef? eat your heart out.
i have lamb shanks, and i'm not afraid to use them.

caramelised onion tarts with persian feta
served on a bed of rocket
wine : Marlborough sauvignon blanc

slow braised lamb shanks in red wine sauce
served on a bed of herb polenta
with steamed baby winter vegetables
wine: barossa cabernat sauvignon

a beautiful french baked custard dessert
served with fresh berries
and thin cream
wine: dessert wine - Muscat
or sweet Champagne

of course, the bottle(s!) of french champagne will be served extra chilled throughout the evening.
I suspect the gentlemen will also retire to the lounge after dessert for a refreshing glass of port (well, that's what they do in the books, don't they? no pipes allowed in my house, though!)

I'm not setting a dress code, but it's an unwritten rule that i'll be wearing black. Not for the sophistication or the slimming nature. no, purely because i will undoubtedly spill something on me. Probably the red wine sauce from the lamb shanks. Even more undoubtable considering i'll have had at least one glass of champers by then.

the entertainment...
here is where my guests come in. Joni Mitchell. Paul Simon. Art Garfunkel. Need i say more?
haven't you heard the phrase: sing for your supper?
but seriously, i'm also hoping Bill Bryson will have us all mesmerised by his stories of travelling the world.
And, of course, Ruby & Mr Darcy will not notice anything but the beating of their hearts as they stare into eachothers eyes and realise they are looking at their soul mate. ok, so i'm just a little bit of a romantic!

And, like all good hostesses, i will have backup.
  • Burn the dinner? my mum can save anything. and she's 2 minutes up the road.
  • Someone turns out to be gluten-intolerant: didn't you know polenta is made from cornmeal?
  • Joni lost her voice? I've got Kate Miller-Heidke's personal phone number... i need to hear that song!
  • Awkward moments of silence: I'll just make some funny joke about the "Sound of Silence" which no doubt will impress Simon & Garfunkel to no end, and will undoubtedly have the table in raptures of laughter (...pun intended!)
It's sure to be a great night! I'll let you know how it goes...


Anonymous said...

Oooooh.. excellent list! I have Joni Mitchell on my itunes playlist for my dinner party evening but I didn't actually think to invite her ... doh!

I hope Mr Darcy and Ruby fall madly in love and live happily ever after ;)

Jaime said...

Simon and Garfunkel - great choice. I'd love to be serenaded by them. And I'm afraid I'd be all for stealing Mr Darcy - may the best woman win!

belinda said...

how nice of you to play cupid even at a fake dinner party! and WHAT a choice for your friend! love darcy

Eloise said...

Wow bec, congradulations on winning! I think you're so creative you could become a novelist, and funny. i wonder if i know ruby.

lauren said...

georgeous idea Bec. Love the music, food and general gist of the evening. I think I might be reading between the lines... ;) love you lots!

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