Monday, July 6, 2009

who i am

morning, all!
it's always fun to get a bit of an insight into the real someone. so here are 15 facts about me... some kitsch. some frivolous. some, deep down, are what make me who i am. check out blog this for the inspiration.

  1. when i was in grade 2 we went on a class excursion to paris to watch swan lake. since then, i have loved the name odette and the gracefulness that ballet exudes.

  2. i have visited every state and territory of australia. i had never been to dreamworld until i was 20, but i'd seen Uluru twice. i thought that was normal.

  3. my pet hate: apple stickers. they're just so frustrating and small.

  4. i also have a deep dislike for queensland newspapers. i just need Brisbane Journalists to step up the mark! in the meantime, i will make do with the Age, and the Australian.

  5. since i was a little girl, i always loved the thought of becoming an architect. i still think about it. mainly because i wanted to follow in the footsteps of my daddy. he draws beautiful pictures of houses.

  6. in reality, i'm quite a shy person. i may seem extroverted, but it's all a big act. that i pull off rather well, if i do say so myself.

  7. i married my first kiss. and i think that's a beautiful thing.

  8. speaking of the man i married, my first ever memory of my husband is grade eight home-economics when we were making apple crumble. he cut his finger and fainted at the sight of blood. who would have thought we'd fall in love six years later?

  9. i am a good cook. i cannot, however hard i try, make gravy.

  10. my tea of choice: earl grey

  11. my most unfavourite movies are: milo & otis, the lion king. i still cannot watch those movies without bawling my eyes out.

  12. mortality is something i face everyday in my job. death is a natural part of life. and i'm ok with that.

  13. i have an intolerance for people who smoke around young, helpless children. thankyou for giving them cancer.

  14. when i was little my parents bought me a "i got shipwrecked on great keppel island... and i survived" tshirt. White with blue writing. I really did believe it had happened to me!

  15. i am really quite good at canulating. it's where you have to stick a needle in somebody's vein, to get a drip inserted. it is something i am secretly quite proud of. is that morbid?


tracey said...

#5 - me too! i love houses :)

Anonymous said...

#7 - I'm about to too. It is a beautiful thing.

Love your list! And agree re: newspapers.

Nisha said...

#15 - Good on you! My FIL is in hospital being treated like a pin cushion from some nurses. Who knew taking blood was so difficult?!

Nikki said...

I love number 14!! That's so cute!

Bethwyn said...

#13, me too. Hate that.

#15, maybe I should find you next time I need an IV or blood drawn. My veins suck and my record of needle pricks is 21, by three different midwives and an OB. My record of IV tries is three (very painful that was). After that they gave up and gassed me. It's not nice having horrible veins.

Kathryn - MamaBoo said...

Number 8 really made me laugh. is that bad?

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