Monday, August 31, 2009

the mystery gift

i am getting a present! for no reason in particular my husband has bought me a gift. it hasn't arrived yet and i don't know what it is. i am excited!! excited, but perplexed...

usually, i can guess. i know how he thinks! one clue is all i usually need. but not this time. this time i have a list of clues i have managed to get out of him, and still no idea!!

what do you think?? comment if you think you know what it is... please!!!

here are the clues i have wrangled out of him...

it's coming from the USA
it's got about an eight week delivery time
it's not very expensive
he's worried i will buy this gift for him for his birthday (a few weeks time)
he hope it arrives before it goes on sale in australia
i would use this thing weekly
it can be used either inside or out
it has no wind-turbine connotaions (look, i just had to ask!)

argh! the suspense is too much for me! i wanna know now!
my only ideas are about some sort of cooking implement... but i don't know! my friends and i are secretly hoping it will be a red KitchenAid! but sadly, i think we will be dissappointed :)

thoughts? ideas?


kyliept said...

One of those e-book reader gadgets? Although I imagine they are expensive...

Chrisy said...

oh maybe a fabulous handmade laptop bag...

Eloise said...

Ok I've been doing some research and these are some things both of you would like i think. Theres the Hand excersiser for your RSI here or the high tech tea pot here or the ever popular sunshine jar. Lol, i can't wait to see what he buys :)

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