Tuesday, August 25, 2009

wish list

i get slightly freaked out about buying people presents. i love giving presents. but i want to give the perfect gift. always. so i get a bit obsessive about buying the right present.

of course, i am the easiest person to buy for *cough cough*. but right now i am going to give you a sneak peak of what's on my ultimate gift list. The BlogThis challenge this week is to write a list of 5 things that would be on the list of perfect presents for me. here goes...

1. a handbag. i can never have enough!
it would probably be nice big one, so i can put everything i could possibily imagine i will need. and look a bit like this witchery one...

2. a bit of bling... and would hopefully arrive in a little blue box... *grin*

3. and then, to satisfy my magazine obsession... a lifelong supscribtion to real living magazine.
i just can't get enough!
4. i'm hopeful for a little bit of travelling next year... around the world?? why not!! a passport cover is definetly on my wish list... and i love this one by Aussie crafter Pepperberry & Co. So kitsch!

5. and finally, a fail-safe present for me. pajamas! I LOVE PAJAMAS! aren't these ones from deshabille beautiful!!



Nisha said...

I love Deshabille PJ's! My winter flannel ones are so gorgeous! Im waiting for the weather to warm up so i can buy a summer pair! Great list!

Kathryn - MamaBoo said...

Love that passport holder, and the PJ's...and little blue boxes are always a winner!

carly_grace said...

those pjs are divine. i want a pair!

mum.toddler.babe said...

I'm a pj girl too. Love them. I probably have way more than one actually needs!

Anonymous said...

Oh no...you've just introduced me to more things to covet! Especially loved the key!

kyliept said...

Hey Bec - I opened up my new copy of Real Living today and some pictures on the letters page looked familiar. Then I realised they were pics of your place!


Bec Hem said...

thanks Kylie!!! I got my copy in the mail today too - SO excited!

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