Saturday, October 24, 2009

a small shopping spree...

shopping and me... well we have a lovely relationship. so ask me to spend $200 on etsy and what would i buy?? let me show you...

a little festive cheer :: october is not too early for decorations, right?!

a letterpress necklace :: recycled from old type-writers, i love the romance of having something as simple as some initials mean something significant to me. j & r. forever...

i live by this :: keep calm and carry on poster in yellow

and while we're at it i'd buy this for my mum :: she needs some de-clutter encouragement! (don't we all...)
a big bunch of amy butler fabric :: one day i am going to make a damn good looking quilt.
i am. just watch me

and finally... this 1950s spring frock :: cute, much?!

Wanna join in the fun?? check out blog this
[ok so i went over by one lousy little dollar... but who's counting?!]


Eloise said...

I love the necklace and the fabric, and the dress actually, but seriously, you need to buy that yellow poster! I believe in you, you can make that quilt!

Anonymous said...

I'm really interested in taking up quilting too.. I just bought myself an entry level sewing machine to learn on so I am part way there.. that fabric stack is making me feel very inspired though!! Thanks :)

alliecat said...

Excellent list! I really like those wall decals (and no, if it's good enough for the shops, then it;'s not too early for Christmas decorations!)

Nisha said...

Just love that letter press necklace- what a clever little pendant!

Melissa said...

Dammit, you people are all making me NEED to learn to sew. Just so I have an excuse to buy Amy Butler.

Millie said...

The Amy Butler fabric is too gorgeous! Like you I truly believe that the only way to achieve a fab doona cover is to make it youself. What's out there in retail is less than satisfactory. Great etsy finds, off to have a peek - thanks.
Millie ^_^

Vicki said...

Absolutely LOVE that necklace! What a cool idea! I want one!

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