Saturday, October 3, 2009

this week i...

here's a few little things to tell you about my week.

this week...

...was a much better week than last week.

you know when everything goes wrong? that was last week. so this week was like a breath of fresh air!

...finally got rid of some dust in my house.
after most of birdsville's dust seemed to deposit itself in brisbane (namely, OUR HOUSE!), serious action was needed! so there was a lean-mean-dust-cleaning-frenzy happening at out place. josh and i got into it in a pretty spectacular way. isn't it amazing how clean floors and a dust-free table can make you feel?? some vintage office Lark mugs in the mail!
thanks to Real Living who published a few pics of my piano room :)

...i am starting to get excited about christmas!!
and i think i need to buy some wall decals to celebrate!
a partridge in a pear tree?? so kitsch!

wall decals :: The Wall Sticker Comany

...i won a giveaway at funky fabrix!!
get excited, peoples! this is my first blog-giveaway-win.
let the summer-sewing-frenzy begin!!

what has your week been like??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yay for your win! I know you are a big supporter of their site, so you totally deserve it!

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