Sunday, September 26, 2010

{making} patchwork dreams

i love it when what's old is new again. that's quilting for me, right now. it's (thankfully) not all about the Saw-Tooth star anymore, but rather contemporary design and modern colour choices. it's also very therapeutic!

purl soho is a new york based fabric/pattern store  mecca (online and bricks-and-mortar). they have totally been fuelling my patchwork inspiration. just have a look. A-maz-ing.

and then... well isn't it funny how this book arrived in the post just a week or so later?

last minute patchwork + quilted gifts is by joelle hoverson, and the owner of purl. oh my this book is a beauty. ranging from less-than-2-hours, to more-than-12-hours, there is some kind of patchwork to make for everyone. i've already made a handful of the flannel baby blankets... so easy yet so so beautiful! (and they turn out just like the picture - that never happens!!)

this book (thankfully) also has detailed instructions. so the amatuer quilter in me can fumble through without having to call my mum!

quilting is a pretty special thing, isn't it? i still remember going to a grade one sleepover at school... all the kids had sleeping bags. i had a quilt my mum had made for me. and i still have it.


julie said...

The quilted colour wheel is gorgeous!

Libby said...

I love purl soho but not as much as I love quilts. I love making them and I especially love sleeping under them. I'm going to go in search of this book. Thanks for introducing it to me. Stopping by from BYW.

Pinecone Camp said...

Your post is perfect. I've had fantasies about becoming a fab quilter, but I don't think it will happen! ;)
I found you through byw. Your blog is heaps of fun. I'm going to now read a little more.

Kat - TeamKitten said...

Hey Bec, It's Kat from the BYW course. omg that last quilt in that photo is amaazing!! Can you whip one up quick smart and wear it to the meet on saturday? :) that would be great, we surely wouldn't miss you then! Look forward to meeting you xo

fairchildstreet said...

I will have to check out that book it look gorgeous. Quilting is great but I am more of a modern quilt kind of girl and adore scrappy quilts. Cheers Charmaine

Jessie said...

Wow Bec!! Thanks for posting about this book!! I just ordered it from Amazon, and can't wait for it to come in the mail!! Please keep us updated on the projects you make from it!! Hope all is well! xo

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