Tuesday, February 16, 2010

love (good) food. love life.

i love to eat it.
i love to cook it.
i love to grow it.
i love to buy it.
i love to look at it, feel it, share it, smell it, touch it, taste it.

get the picture? i love food. good food, fresh food. food that is healthy & tasty & makes my life feel the better for eating it.

my heart breaks when i know people in this world can't afford food. but in some ways, it breaks even more when i know people CAN afford food, but still buy highly processed and bad-for-you-in-every-way food. there are some kids that don't know what a carrot looks like (no, really.). there are some families that will eat fried food (hot chips/pizza/chicken nuggets) every day of the week. the reality is this is making us unhealthy. very quickly.

so when i listened to this lecture by jamie oliver, there were tears in my eyes. he won a TED award, and made a wish :

"My wish is for you to help a strong sustainable movement to educate every child about food, to inspire families to cook again, and to empower people everywhere to fight obesity. " 
jamie oliver, TED wish

i say amen, brother. i'm with you all the way...

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cjschlottman said...

You are so right! We should be the healthiest people on this planet, and we choose to poison ourselves and especially our young.

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