Saturday, February 20, 2010

a tourist in my own city

there comes a time in every bloggers life when it is entirely necessary to buy a digital SLR camera, no? with Le Adventure only seven (7!!) sleeps away, it was vital we made this little (ahem) purchase to document all the fabulousness we will see on our trip...

... but first, learning how to use it. which is why i became a tourist in my own city one sunny day: with my shiny new camera, appropriate footwear & sunscreen.

I found these little men on my wanders... don't you think they're cute? 
(hint: click on the lizard for a bigger picture. aren't his eyes just amazing!)


Eloise said...

Hey Bec,
Good to see your practicing with your camera. I love the little cycle man, its something you wouldn't normally see a photo of. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I was drooling over the Salty Sweet Cookie recipe over at Poppytalk, and couldn't help but notice your comment about the lack of butterscotch chips in Australia! Very surprised by that. Anyhow, I thought I'd offer to mail some from the US if you'd like? Seriously, I've mailed Cheez Whiz to a guy in Amsterdam and recently offered to mail peanut butter cups to a blog friend in Scotland. Let me know if I can help ;)

Kelly @ TLE

legendswife said...

wow, that is awesome:)

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