Tuesday, October 19, 2010

feeding my magazine addiction...

i am a sucker for pretty pages in magazines... homewares, shopping, cooking, decorating, making... there is nothing better than sitting down with a cuppa and a new, shiny magazine, no?

...which is why i love my zinio app on my iPad (also for iPhone, pc or mac). a year subsribtion for $10ish? without having to leave home? thankyouverymuch!

currently, i'm loving elle decor (usa)... i'm thinking i might need to invest in a dwell subscribtion too! i would love to see some more aussie content come through for purchasing - real living, and delicious, perhaps?

what do you think of my my dream new bathroom... (thanks ralph lauren!). with a view over the central park reservoir in NYC, no less... *sigh*

it's lovely flicking through the pages, and you can store back issues also. i'm addicted! the added bonus is i'm not buying hard-copy magazines that i have to store somewhere, and think of all the trees i'm saving!

this was part of the blog this challenge... head on over and join in the fun.

do you have any must read online magazines, or have a zinio subsription??


Jessie said...

Hmm, will have to try Zinio. Am currently enjoying Gourmet Traveller and Shoptillyoudrop mags on my iPad! ...Wish they had Australian Vouge on iPad...!

Bec Hem said...

hiya jess! i love that they're all in one spot /one app. hope you're doing well! thanks for you lovely comments!
saw your Oma on the weekend - she's looking great as always! xx

Megan Leslianne said...
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Wendy said...

whoa - i've never heard of this app! it sounds great for someone like me who reads tons of blogs online but find it hard to flip through a real magazine..

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