Thursday, October 21, 2010

{reading} on the bedside table...

the romantics - galt niederhoffer
brilliant. brilliant. it's a contempory great gatsby. i had to read this book after seeing the trailer for the feature movie that's on it's way- thanks sarah!

chez moi - agnes desarthe
fiction about france & food... i couldn't resist!

the elegance of the hedgehog - muriel barbery
after my 50 things post, i'm finally getting around to reading this book... in a word? heavy.

notwithstanding - louis de bernieres
mr de bernieres had my heart ever since the war of don emmanuel's nether parts. i've loved every single book since, and this is his latest.

frederica - georgette heyer
my mother and i have read every single book ever written by this very glamorous woman. this, i think is my favourite...
planning a baby? - dr sarah brewer
just quietly, between you & i, ok?!

what's on your bedside table??


Jaclyn said...

just popping in and had to comment on your amazing blog header - love it!

Helen said...

I've just 20 minutes ago finished reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog, loved the writing.

Millie said...

Stalking Irish Madness recommended by the gorgeous Willow over @ Life At Willow Manor. Your selection looks fab, but I think I may just give the last one a wide berth. I hope it's extremely beneficial for you though!!
Millie ^_^

Merri Cvetan, The Design Coach said...

I found you on "Blogging Your Way". I've loved meeting creative women from all over the world. What a great site. I read every night and am always looking for the next book to loose myself in.

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