Sunday, October 17, 2010

spring has sprung

... after a very wet and wild week (or two!), the sun made a spectacular appearance this weekend...

we are a no-dryer household, so i felt a little chained to the washing machine with all the back log of washing... but i do love my trusty hills-hoist. such an aussie classic!

i also had a little fight with the (should be) white grout in the bathroom... a winner hasn't been declared yet, and alas, i don't think i'm a chance for the gold medal!

 there was also considerable time spent yelling at this little brood... we are dog-sitting two loveable cocker-spaniels for some friends at the moment! there is a lot of puppy love to go around, but sometimes i think they gang up on us!

tonight we're having a simple dinner of thin spaghetti with a cherry tomato sauce (and plenty of parmegiano!!)... oh bliss!

what domestic delights did you get up to this weekend!

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alfalky~* said...

ooh lovely, those tomatoes will be delicious with pasta!

I had a very domestic weekend too... i baked a tangy lemon curd slice, finally got around to that mopping, organised the tea cupboard - now all the tea is in a pretty tins or jar...and tonight will sleep on crisp fresh sheets!

domestic pottering can be so satisfying!

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