Thursday, October 28, 2010

{listening} flags

image :: brooke fraser

i live my life to music. constantly. always something playing in my mind.

right now, it's brooke fraser's new album flags. stunningly beautiful songs & melodies.

i've just found her purdy new blog. i was totally wowed by the pictorial essay by her drummer, aaron redfield. lovely photos to lose yourself in...

lets go there, hey? right now? ok. 

before a neon night's lighting i'm right beside you/the fire in motion/the fire in motion
the desert sun sinking/sleepy and low/but we're just waking/we are waking
river time is a mountain tonight/before tomorrow she flows on/carving valleys in the skin on our faces
i am bright as the sun/you are high as a kite/we are daughters, sons, brothers and sisters tonight/at coachella/coachella
come on now darling, let's shake off these blues/i'll let my hair out, you'll slip off your shoes/i feel like a baby, newborn in the spring/i'm setting down the sadness and I won't remember it
i'm a warm bleeding heart/you're a generous soul/and i love you though i'd never met you before to coachella/coachella
we are standing on the shore/in the smoke, in the starlight/on the edge of a human sea/and the tide is in
"coachella" lyrics by brooke fraser


Maggie said...

I am so excited to see this post! I was just listening to Brooke a few moments ago! She has such an amazing voice, I am hoping to see her in concert here in NYC in 2wks!

Where My Heart Is said...

I have never heard of Brooke before (I know you are thinking, where have you been?) Thanks for spreading the word :)

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