Sunday, July 12, 2009

best and worst

thanks mamamia, i think i just might. my best and worst of the weekend??

best: spending time with my best friend. laughing so much i was about to spit out my mouthful of drink. knowing that someone is there for me, maybe not being about to fix anything, but telling me i'm doing the right thing. my best friend is very special to me: he's my husband.
(and we did have fun! spent very little time together this weekend - him with sport, me with girlfriends, but strangely it was a game of football that brought out the laughs. good times! and go the lions!)

worst: *sigh* having someone apologise to me by saying "i'm sorry if it offends you." Is that really an apology? did they take back the nasty things? no. they still mean them. but they didn't mean to offend me?

and another possible worst: not having time to write my blog this blog. i have so many ideas! will need a photo shoot for this one: i'm excited! (watch this space).

night all. hope it's a great week ahead for you!

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