Monday, July 13, 2009

retail therapy

So there's comfort food, there's fluffy pyjamas. And i also totally believe in the value of a little bit of retail therapy every now-and-again, just to feel a bit better. within reason, you know! so i've been thinking about the blog this challenge this week - and just have to share with you my latest little buy...

i don't know why, but i have a little obsession with the colours red & orange. i'm strangely attracted to bright things. so when wandering around my local witchery store one day, out of the corner of my eye, i saw a flash of orange. i didn't know what it was, but i had to have it :) Imagine my delight when it was a scarf! (something else i'm obsessed with - one can never have too many scarves!).

And it didn't stop there, oh no.

It was a scarf.

with pockets.

for your hands: to keep your hands warm!

and i thought... how kitsch!

but, my friends, call it the GFC*, call it self control, But it didn't buy it that day. or the next. In fact, it was only a few weeks later when i walked back in the store, to see if it was still there... and it was! AND ON SALE!!!!!!!!!!

and then i was sold :)

and as for convincing my husband i needed an orange scarf with pockets for my hands?

...conveniently he was on an interstate work trip at the time... *wink*

*Global Financial Crisis, or Geelong Football Club, depending on which part of the country you come from.


Bethwyn said...

That's actually a pretty cool idea! Looks lovely and warm, too.

Eloise said...

Love the scarf! And you got it on special, it was meant to be! Great idea for Blog this challenge.

m.e (Cathie) said...

LOVE the pockets! that scarf is a definite necessity in winter, especially the great colours! :)

Nisha said...

I love thatscarf!! I keep seeing them and get ridiculed by my hubby... now i can actually tell him that other people have them too!

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