Sunday, July 26, 2009

what a weekend...

What a weekend! as always, it went too fast... but hey, that's life.

it's fun to do crazy things every now and again. like put up a christmas tree. in july. and have secret santa presents. and bon bons. and sit around a table and have a big cooked dinner and tell the stupid jokes from the bon bons.
[eg. what's big and green and always points north? a magnetic cucumber. seriously. who comes up with these?? ]

so yes, Christmas In July happened this weekend for us. and it was great to catch up with some friends that we haven't seen for AGES... it's good, isn't it?? to catch up. chew the fat. laugh. cry.

(love christmas!)

and here i am, sunday night. i have so much blog inspiration: and so little time. but here is a little promise: a blog this week! mayhaps two... oh i'd like that :)
shall i finish with a picture of rudolf in my lounge room. He's gotta have a red nose for Christmas, right?!

i think'd make santa proud, don't you?


kyliept said...

Hi Bec

Thanks for following my blog - I see you're relatively new to the blogging world too!

So far I'm loving yours - I'll continue to check in to see all your updates!


Anonymous said...

Love your new banner! I thought yo were re nuts for doing Christmas in July (who wants to put up a tree twice?!) but then I read about what a great time you had catching up with friends and it suddenly seemed inspired. More pics?

Eloise said...

I love that deer head! I've always wanted one and the red nose never gets old lol. And I love the LOVE letters too! Very cute.

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